I hate on myself a lot, I’m always comparing myself to others, but I can’t help it, I’m so unhappy with myself, and I’ve got my childhood friend to thank for that lol, we were just kids, she didn’t know any better, but words do fucking stick, her hurtful words towards me, always calling me ugly and fat and saying I would never get a boyfriend, it fucking stuck haha.. that’s all that comes into my head, when I look in the mirror (can’t even do that for more than 5 seconds) , when I’m out, when I go clothes shopping (which is never lol), it sucks. I don’t want to think like this, I want to like myself, maybe if I did someone might actually like me back idk, I’m feel absolutely shit rn, I ate like a fucking fat ass today and I’m lonely as fuck, and it doesn’t help that every second post on my Instagram and tumblr is a fucking couple photo.